Donnie Delivers

Donnie Delivers For:

The Economy

Donnie Delivers for the local economy with a pro-business and pro-growth voting record that brings jobs, opportunity and tourism to The Wiregrass area.


Donnie Delivers for Education. As a former teacher and high school football coach, Donnie understands the way to create more opportunities in The Wiregrass is to make sure that all students have the best opportunities to learn and advance in an environment which prepares them for the 21st Century Economy. He also understands that not all students are destined for a 4-year degree and a white collar future, so he has worked hard to emphasize workforce development and career training – for students at all areas along the education spectrum.

Some examples of his hard work in this area are spearheading the development of GTech in Geneva County by bringing together the local school officials, The Alabama National Guard, The Workforce Development Council and The Alabama Community College System to build a state of the art learning center in Geneva. This Tech Center is the first of it’s kind in Alabama, and will be used as a model throughout our state to help high school students, community college students and those searching for career training for workforce development.

WIRED ACT of 2016 – Which provided funding for WiFi infrastructure in every classroom, in all 137 School Districts throughout the state. This allows students and teachers to better access the use of technology in their classes –

Locally, this provided $1,430,669 in state matching funds for all of the school systems in Senate District 29, keeping Alabama’s school children on an even keel as compared to other areas of The United States and The World.

Donnie sponsored the bill to allow local school systems to set their own schedule for the school year. These are decisions that need to be made on a local level. Donnie believes in local control and decisions like this are best made by the people who know the area and students’ needs best: local school boards.


Donnie Delivers for Agriculture. Donnie understands that Wiregrass Culture is inherently farming culture. He knows that Agriculture is the backbone of Alabama’s economy. Donnie is dedicated to supporting our hard working farmers and farm families, and making sure that they are not put at a competitive disadvantage by other states, regions or nations.

HB 459, The “Agritourism Bill” allows expansion of fun opportunities for children and adults alike to learn about agriculture by lessening the liability of destinations like Pumpkin Patches, Corn Mazes, petting zoos and “cut your own” Christmas Tree operations. These are usually family owned and operated places that don’t need the government breathing down their necks with undo regulation and fees.

HB --- The “Irrigation Bill” which provides tax credits for farmers to allow them to expand their irrigation system on their farms, so they can increase the yield on existing or unused land. It also reduces the risk of crop failure when faced with drought. Alabama has less than 150,000 acres under irrigation as compared to neighboring states like Georgia and Mississippi, which each have over 1 million acres currently irrigated. The goal of this legislation is to increase that acreage, thus having a substantial impact on the income of farmers – which creates a multiplying effect on our local economy for things like funding for our public schools.

It is this type of forward thinking legislation that will help Alabama solve problems now, before they become burdens on generations to come.

Seniors and The Intellectually Disadvantaged

Donnie Delivers for our Seniors and Disadvantaged. Donnie was able to provide a state grant for Coffee Springs Senior Center to pave the parking lot. This solved a big safety issue for people who access the center via cane, walker or wheelchair. They now have a nice paved lot and do not have to navigate loose gravel to get inside. Another state grant allowed them to buy a new passenger van which helps transport seniors to and from the center and medical appointments.

Provided state funding for The Merle Wallace Purvis Center, a group home and “Day-Hab” Services center for the residents and people who and their families who rely on these services. This funding provides a van for safe transportation, and for capital improvements on the building and grounds.

Military and Veterans

Donnie Delivers for Veterans. Donnie knows that our nation can never repay the debt we owe our Veterans, and that The Wiregrass is lucky to have such a strong military presence and tradition. Before the GTech proposal, the Geneva Armory was going to close, and the National Guard Unit would have been reassigned. Through a working relationship with the guard, Donnie spearheaded the partnership between The Alabama National Guard, The Career Tech Center, The Workforce Development Taskforce and The Alabama Community College System which brought GTech to Geneva and saved the Armory and kept an active Guard Unit in Geneva.

Anti-Corruption and Taxpayer Accountability

Donnie was the House Sponsor of SB --- . If someone is serving in a capacity where they would receive a state pension, and they are convicted of a felony, they would forfeit the money in their retirement fund that is provided by the taxpayers of Alabama. Donnie believes that everyone who serves the public must be honest, upstanding and have a strong moral code.

Serves on:

  • Education Ways and Means Committee
  • Vice Chair of Agriculture Committee
  • Chairman of Research and Technology
  • Alabama Renewal Commission via Department of Commerce (approves tax incentives for special projects)
  • Choc-Pea Watershed Management Authority – Water policy issues.
  • Alabama Farmers Federation

Christopher 36, Roxanna 33, granddaughters Grayce 6, Madison 4.


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